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Ashley began writing at the age of 12 and by 14 had recorded 11 songs which are currently divided into two EP's. The first, 'Simple Smile' will be released in April. 'Yours', the first single off of the EP will be released March 28th and is expected to impact its audience with its catchy hook and rhythmic beats. Ashley's desire is to be a voice in and for her generation and ready to share her gift of joy with the world. She has been singing and dancing in front of audiences of all types since she was much younger, but over the last few years has focused on playing her guitar and singing her songs in churches, coffee shops and other locations in the U.S. and around the globe.

It is my heart's desire to see people share a smile with a stranger, express random acts of kindness, thank more and complain less,  The saying “We can’t judge a book by its Cover” is very true.  We don’t know what the person riding the same school bus, standing next to us in the elevator, or in the grocery store line, is going through.  My dad always reminds me that my assumption  is not always someones reality.  Let’s change the world one smile at a time!   #SpreadKindness #ChooseJoy #TakeTheHighRoad #SimpleSmile
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I was kind to a stranger, or someone that I would not normally have interacted with or I affirmed someone with a simple smile. A Simple Smile can change the world!

"Simple Smile" EP is available on ITunes, Google play, Amazon & Spotify Now!

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